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  • “All Aboard!” Allow me to help you pack for the journey.
June 4, 2015

“All Aboard!” Allow me to help you pack for the journey.

The practices I outline in my book Treasures to a Terrific Life (TTTL) may seem new, and, at times, a bit strange or even overly simplistic.  But I can guarantee they will change your life.  In fact, there are several scientific studies proving that these simple changes literally improve the functioning of a person’s brain in ways that create more happiness, less stress, and, overall, a more positive perception of the world.  Unfortunately, because we are human, our negative emotions – self-doubt, emptiness, low self-esteem, and lack of motivation – turn us from creating healthy habits.  YOU have to commit to putting these activities into motion each day and forming these positive habits.  I can tell you how to become the best version of yourself, but you need to be the one to decide that you want and can do this.  And trust me, you can, and by making these changes, you will live a life more complete and fulfilled than you ever imagined!

One way to ensure that you stay committed to these practices is to hire a life-coach, such as myself.  You can find information about hiring me on my website.  The first thing I do with a client is to yank them off of the train they are on, a train going at lightning speed with negative thoughts, that is creating the track that lies ahead.  I ask my client: What are the thoughts and beliefs that you’re thinking?  What do you think about yourself?  A common response is I’m not happy, or I will never be good enough.  These thoughts and ideas about oneself create a person’s outlook on the world.  Instead of seeing a beautiful tree ahead of you, you might see a dark, mysterious, and scary forest.  Focus on the tree through the forest, and take in the beauty that is in front of you; it is within your reach!

Once my client has been removed from their train of negativity, we work on the luggage they will choose to bring along on their new journey.  These bags will be packed with positivity, excitement, and the belief that anything good is possible!  It is throughout my training that we pack these bags.  Once my client and I have succeeded in this process, I put them back onto the train and wish them “bon voyage,” both of us confident this journey will now be filled with positivity rather than negativity; happiness rather than sadness; confidence rather than self-doubt; and self-fulfillment rather than emptiness.

Throughout the training process, however, we do discuss the reality of storms that will hit at times and difficult terrain that will surface.  Because this is life, and obstacles do come into play which cause us to get lost again, I like to implement train stops along the way.  In other words, we schedule sessions to stop the train, rearrange the perhaps jumbled luggage, and then re-enter the journey refreshed and renewed.

These “train-stops” provide a time for us to take a look at that luggage, making sure negative thoughts aren’t taking over the newly packed positive ones.  We will also make sure you are accepting life “as is” and not fighting against it.  Life will never be easy, but the way you choose to look at and breath this life in, is within your control – suck in the beauty not the pollution.  We will make sure that you are living the present moment and appreciating all of the incredible sights you pass on your journey.  So often people miss these sights because their mind becomes focused on either the past or the future.  It is true that the present is indeed a gift, and it is when we look out that train window and see what is right in front of us, that we can find the best life possible.

A final element we will rediscuss at each train stop is the importance of TRUST.  This is the most vital treasure to carry with you: a strong acceptance and belief that God is on that train with you, and by allowing him to be the conductor instead of taking over the controls, we can reach our destination.  If God is in control, you will also pass some incredible sights along the way!

In short, when working with me, my clients learn how to properly pack their bags, rechecking and readjusting the treasures they have packed along the way.  All of these steps lead to, and then keep one on, a path towards positive self-discovery and self-actualization. I would love to work with you on this journey.