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November 21, 2014

The Road Less Travelled

Have you ever been asked a throw-away question that actually changed your life?

 Me neither.

 Well, not until a few months ago when my son came to me with this:

 “Hey Mom, can I be home schooled this year?”

 This isn’t a question I ever expected to be asked.

 I was never really academic in my years at school, and I never really cared much for algebra, English, and all the other stuff you’re expected to learn while you’re In school.

 So, when my 14-year-old son, Spencer, approached me to re-teach him 8th Grade, so he could focus on Basketball, my response was relatively instinctual.

 “Heck. No.”

 I was in no position to teach a child a whole year of school. I barely remember what I did in my own 8th grade curriculum; never mind what I was supposed to teach him for his.

 But, after a long talk between Marty, and myself I came to realize that this was a great opportunity.

 I would be able to do 3 things:

  •     Connect with Spencer on a new level
  •     Teach him in an unconventional way
  •     Let him follow his dream

 The yes we did eventually give Spencer, was “Yes” we support your dream and believe in you.

 Which isn’t that the biggest “Yes” we can ever give our children?

 The Road Less Travelled (Unconventional Teachings)

 School doesn’t teach you about life.

 It teaches you about the world and what you’re supposed to know about it. But, it doesn’t teach you anything about life.

 In school, you can almost guarantee you’ve never learned how to do any of these important things

  • How to be aware of the importance of the voice inside your head
  • How to set achievable life goals
  • How to create daily practices that will lead to your best self
  • How to surround yourself with the right people
  • How to realize your life’s purpose
  • How to make gratitude a practice
  • How to eliminate negative thoughts that hold you back

Yet, these are all lessons that you as an adult scramble to learn and spend thousands of hours with your heads in books trying to learn the secrets to all of this.

 Look at your own personal bookshelf and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

And now, I have the opportunity to build a curriculum where all of these exist. Where I can build a bigger, brighter and more wholesome future for my son.

 Of course, I understand that Math and English are important. The school curriculum is there for a reason, and if I want him to succeed in 8th Grade, I’m going to have to cover these things.

 But, now I can build the curriculum I feel needs to be taught too. Because, well, they’re just as important (if not more).

 Building The Curriculum

 I’m a self-help connoisseur.

 My nine years of reading books, listening to tapes and immersing myself in the Oprah Winfrey-esque world has taught me numerous lessons. 

But, you can find out more about that, here.

 I wanted to be sure to set up a curriculum then, that focused on the lessons I wanted to teach, without losing anything in the way of academic schooling. Which, not having a background as a teacher was much harder than I expected.

 The end product though, looks a little something like this:

 Prayer: Each day starts with the appropriately titled, Morning Prayer, which comes from Marianne Williamson. I firmly believe that the most important part of life is having a connection with something bigger than you. In my families case, it’s God. But, for you, it can be whatever feels right.

 Treasure Journals: This is one of the main reasons this website exists, and it’s a quintessential part of my schooling with Spencer. You can find a full, in-depth breakdown of what a Treasure Journal is, here.

 68 Second Rampage: 68 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time, because, well, it isn’t. However, it’s the perfect amount of time to leverage the Law of Attraction. This is taken from the teachings of two of my favorite authors, Esther and Jerry Hicks.

 By directing your thoughts where you want them to go, for a minimum of 68 seconds, you can attract the right vibrations from the world around you. This helps you to achieve the goal internally, so that it’s easier to take action externally.

 For Spencer, this is going to focus on Basketball. How it feels to compete and play at his full potential. What winning feels like. How fluid he feels when he plays. How dynamic he is.

 You can find out some idea’s for your own 68 second rampages by watching this video.

 Meditation: This is going to be one of the harder parts to implement, but I can’t wait to do it. My children have the same aversion to Meditation as they do to eating Brussel Sprouts – no matter how good it is for them, they just don’t want to do it.

 I know from personal experience, as well as reading scientific studies on the matter, that when you meditate, life is just a whole lot better. You’re calmer, more centered, self aware, sleep better and shift a ton of stress.

 One of my favorite metaphors for meditation is: you can see your reflection in a pond much clearer when the water is still.

 You can see your life’s purpose and direction much clearer if you take time to still our thoughts.

Yet, I find staying in the habit incredibly hard, and it’s going to be a learning curve for both Spencer and I.

You can read more about Meditation and it’s effect on health, here.

 Thought Provoking: This is somewhat of a ‘free reign’ session for me, where I can actually get one of my kids to read the books, watch the videos and learn the lessons I’ve been longing to share with them.

And, Spencer agreed to be homeschooled on my terms, so he has to read the books I choose. Which, is a delightful situation to find myself in.

Tony Robbins says “We are either growing or dying, expansion is one of our 6 basic human needs.”

 Core Subjects: Math, English, Science et al.

What I Want To Achieve…

 First and foremost, I want Spencer to be happy. I want him to attract from the world what he wants. To reach his goal of playing basketball to his full potential, and feel that this year has been an overall success.

 Secondly, I want him to have a better connection with himself and those around him, that he can take forward into the rest of his life.

 I know that not everything I teach will stick, but I hope to give him the skills, through Journaling and Meditation, to empower himself for the future and let him lead a healthy, fulfilled life.

 Because, what more could a mother want for her child, other than for him to be happy and healthy?

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